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A textile coating is known as a method in which a plastic layer is applied on a textile carrier. Coatings are needed to equipe carpets, fabrics and textiles or leather to give them special properties ore to harden it. Polymer dispersions can be used for this purpose which can also contain fillers and / or functional additives.

Weserland manufactures finishes and coatings with various aqueous polymer dispersions, which can be used for bonding and to improve the abrasion and the washing resistance. Various handle and surface properties can be set. The coating is applied by dipping, knife coating, roll coating, printing or spraying methods - depending on your options.

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The following table provides an overview of our options.

Woven carpets differ according to so-called bordered carpets and continuous carpeting (also called fitted carpeting or wire loom carpet). Fitted carpets are double-weave in the main and are frequently given a stiffening. Continuous carpeting is often manufactured in several groups, therefore requiring good filament anchorage along with tuft anchorage and raw-edge strength.
For these requirements, our Supron® dispersions provide finishing agents based on various polymers. Their selected combination results in synergies with regard to handle and elasticity. The medium-dispersed products, Supron U 2368 and Supron U 4248 which produce a very elastic handle, can be mixed with the harder dispersion. The quantities used are between 100 g and 200 g dry weight per qm for fitted carpets and 350 g and 400 g dry weight per qm for continuous carpeting. Continuous carpeting is steamed before the finishing to guarantee good penetration of the finishing bath.

To protect ropes, hawsers and nets against mechanical abrasion, these articles are impregnated with Supron dispersions based on various polymers. Supron U 2368 or Supron U 5348 are used, depending on the requirements for the degree of hardness, elasticity and loading. The dry weight of these products is approx. 8%-12%, based on the weight of the product. Application is carried out either by impregnating and squeezing out or in a dipping process. Drying temperatures of 80-120 ° C are recommended to guarantee optimum hardening of the finish.

Depending on the manufacturing process, cover fabrics are divided into velours and flat woven fabrics. The requirements for the finish differ accordingly: Whereas with both, the final quality of the handle after finishing should be soft, flexible and supple, and the final quality of the grey cloth must not be substantially changed, for the velour qualities (V-tuft), good frayproofness and tuft anchorage is also required. These requirements will be met with Supron M 3768 and Supron U 4338-2 based on acrylate or SBR-Latex. The dry weight is between 50 and 80 g/m², depending on the requirements. Application is carried out by slop-padding or doctoring. These products can also be applied after the foam process.

To change the characteristics, one can also add wetting agent (Supronil HN 48), antifoaming agent (Supronil HE-types), thickening agents (Wesopret-types) weighting materials as well as dyes. Good antistatic properties can be archieved by adding Supronil RA 18 or Supronil RA 88. Compatibility has to be generally tested.

ApplicationSupron U 2368Supron U 4248Supron U 5348Supron U 4338-2Supron M 3768
Woven carpets      
Upholstery fabrics  
ropes, hawsers, nets, belts, special applications      
Product properties          
solid content [%]
59 - 61
49 - 51
39 - 41
49,5 - 51,5
59 - 61
4 - 7
7,5 - 8,5
7 - 8
7 - 9
2 - 3
2800 - 5000**
150 - 600**
< 500*
150 - 500**
50 - 300*
  * Haake VT02 / ** Brookfield RV Spindle 3/4 20 rpm

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