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Fire protection systems play a crucial role within the safety-related aspects of daily life. Particularly high fire protection requirements are placed on floors, which are used in aircrafts, ships, trains, cars and public buildings such as hotels and theaters. In order to meet the fire safety requirements, these materials must be equipped with a flame retardant, which limits the spread of fire, slowed or prevented.

Weserland offers in these areas low-smoke and halogen-free flame retardant compounds that are specifically tailored to the specific needs and applications.
In addition to requirements concerning fire protection, smoke density and toxicity, the "classical" requirements like good filament anchorage along with tuft anchorage, raw-edge strength and antistatic are met too.

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The following table provides an overview of our carpet options.

Flame retardant compounds for direct coating

Owing to discolouration, these flameproofing compounds are largely applied in a slop-padding process, it being necessary to gear the quantity used to the type of fibre, the fabric structure as well as the degree of flame resistance and antistatic quality desired. When flameproofed wool is used in the pile of goods to be finished, the requirements for the aircraft industry are usually met with an add-on of approx. 800-1200 g/qm (wet).

ApplicationEmtex W 477Emtex W 177
Product properties    
color black black
solid content[%] 56,5 - 58,5 49 - 51
pH-value 6 - 8 4 - 6
viscosity [mPas] 350 - 450* 100 - 200*
  * Haake VT02

Flame retardant compounds

Emtex D 193 and Emtex L N209-1 are compatible with commercially available binding agent systems (natural latex, synthetic latex, acrylate and polyvinyl acetate) and are applied in a slop-padding process. Any corrections of pH-value that might be necessary should be taken into account. Depending on the binding agent system, use is also possible in foamed finishes/primers. The quantity used has to be geared to the binding agent system, type of fibre, fabric structure and the degree of flame resistance desired.
ApplicationEmtex D 193Emtex L N209-1
woven, tufted and needlefelt floor coverings
Product properties    
halogen free  
color roan white
solid content [%] 58 - 60 65 - 67
pH-value 9 - 10,5 8,5 - 10,5
viskosity [mPas] 550 - 800* 400 - 600*
  * Haake VT02

Flame retardant

Emtex T 998 is used as a halogen-free, low-fuming flameproofing agent for textiles and needlefelts, primarily on polyester nonwoven fabrics. The anchoring on polyester is done by means of thermofixing, and so no additional binding agent has to be used.
Emtex T 294 have a masking effect such that they can only be used in ordinary bath processes if this does not have an unwelcome effect. Otherwise, Emtex T 294 are sprayed in a mixture with the binding agent system, doctored, slop-padded or applied in a foamed state.
Emtex L 7709-1 will be used for the flame protection of water based compounds (latex etc.) that will be used for the production of technical products (textiles, mattresses etc.). In the case of burning Emtex L 7709-1 will expand in contact with flames. So the flash over will be prevented.
T 998
T 294
L 7709-1
special purpose
Product properties      
halogen free
color colorless transparent white gray
solid content [%] 89 -91 59 - 61 93 - 96
pH-value 2 - 3 7,5 - 8,5 9 - 11**
viskosity [mPas]   2000 - 3000* -
  * Haake VT02 / ** 1g in 50ml H2O


  • *JAR/FAR part 25 appendix F – part 1
  • *Aircraft (ABD 0031 – AITM 3.0005)
  • *Boeing (BSS 7239)



  • *EN ISO 9239-1 Radiant Panel
  • *EN ISO 11925 Small flame

Hotel klein


  • *ASTM E662

Bahn klein


  • *IMO res A. 653(16) und A. 687(17)
  • *MSC 41 (64) smoke box

Schiff klein


  • *FMVSS 302, ISO 3795

Auto klein

* based on


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